Employees’ Acceptance of the Healthcare Internet of Things: A Source of Innovation in Corporate Human Resource Policies

Par Patricia Baudier, Chantal Ammi, Anneliese Lecouteux
The IoT is pervading our daily personal and professional lives. This article attempts to fill a gap in the field of IoT by investigating the use of wearable devices as a source of innovation in corporate HR policies. Are employees likely to adopt wearable devices to practice self-tracking of their Health or Wellbeing in the workplace? To conduct this research, a survey was administered on LinkedIn, built on the Technology Acceptance Model, the Self-Tracking and Trusting Beliefs variables. Results suggest that several factors may influence the decision of self-trackers to use this new technology in their working environment, highlighting the key role of Self-Entertainment and Self-Design on users’ motivations. We argue that a better understanding of employees’ motivations contributes to improving the adoption rate of these technologies. We suggest that by introducing IoT in the workplace as part of their HR strategy, companies may derive a competitive advantage from their workforce.
JEL Codes: I310, M120, O350
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