From Territorialised Innovation to Collaborative Innovation Space: What Are the Issues for Contemporary Organisations?

Par Claudine Gay, Bérangère L. Szostak

The objective of this article is to propose a conceptual framework for understanding the relationship {space-innovation} for current organizations in order to identify issues. The achievement of this objective requires a historical and critical reading of this relationship. The article is structured in three parts. In the first, the relationship is apprehended under the prism of the territory, seen as naturally innovative. In the second, this relationship is apprehended under the prism of the cluster and shows the need to ensure governance. In the third, we approach this relationship under the prism of the collaborative innovation space. Two particular issues currently facing organizations are detailed: (1) the obligation (or not) of organizations to open their borders and (2) the role of actors in the collaborations undertaken.
JEL Codes: O310, O320

  • Innovation
  • Space
  • Territory
  • Issues
  • Organizations
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