Sustainable Agrifood Systems

Markets, Value Chains and Innovation
Sustainable Agrifood Systems
N° 42, 2023/3 - 251 pages

Innovation is widely regarded as central to the efforts needed to address the social and environmental challenges of the 21st century. However, the nature of the innovation process for sustainable development is recognized as particularly complex, dynamic, and uncertain. It requires a combination of incremental and radical changes in organizations, markets, consumer behavior, and public policy. In the case of finance, sustainable finance is an evolutionary process of integrating environmental, social and governance factors into financial and investment decisions. Sustainable finance is a multifaceted field, combined with the systemic logic of innovation.

The articles in this issue of the Journal of Innovation Economics & Management present different methodologies and concern specific empirical contexts. The conclusions and recommendations made by the authors address the strategies of all actors in the sustainable finance market.

Trends and comments