Collaborative Spaces in the Digital Era

Collaborative Spaces in the Digital Era
n° 31, 2020/1 - 258 pages

The need for increasing innovation and collaboration, as well as integrating more flexible and autonomous ways of working, has caused changes in the spatialization of work. In recent years there has been an explosion in the creation of spaces where individuals, motivated by the development of their creative projects, interact face-to-face and collaborate with peers. The origin of the spaces might respond to different logics, but it is often related to an actor’s need to gather with other locally distributed peers with a common interest. These collaborative spaces take many different forms and denominations such as fablabs, coworking spaces, living labs, makerspaces, hackerspaces, etc. The authors of in this special issue of Innovations, Journal of Innovation Economics & Management contribute to the understanding of collaborative spaces concerning their internal knowledge and innovation dynamics, their impact in the innovation process in firms, universities, and public institutions, and in terms of changes to new ways of working.


Trends and comments

Pages 255 à 257