Innovation Spaces as Drivers of Eco-innovations Supporting the Circular Economy: A Systematic Literature Review

Par Fedoua Kasmi, Ferney Osorio, Laurent Dupont, Brunelle Marche, Mauricio Camargo

This paper explores the way in which academics address the role of innovation spaces in the development of the circular economy. Considering their characteristics, objectives, and functioning, we assume that innovation spaces can be favorable environments for eco-innovations facilitating the implementation of circular economy strategies. To examine this hypothesis, this paper mobilizes a mixed research method based on bibliometric analysis of keywords and content analysis. The results show that these collaborative environments can: foster sustainable experimental learning, provide methodologies and tools for the co-creation of circular solutions, drive the transition toward sustainable smart cities, foster the creation of new sustainable business models, promote sustainable urban entrepreneurship, and facilitate knowledge exchange on circular solutions. However, most of the reviewed literature focuses mainly on their impacts on sustainability and less on the concept of the circular economy per se. Consequently, this work provides insights on the potential of these spaces in the circular strategies’ implementation.
JEL Codes: Q01, O30, Q56, B40

  • Circular Economy
  • Eco-Innovation
  • Innovation Spaces
  • Sustainability
  • Systematic Literature Review
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