Individual Preferences in Creative Problem Construction

Par Marie-Laurence Caron-Fasan, Valérie Chanal, Valéry Merminod, Emmanuel Monfort

Creative problem-solving models generally identify a problem construction stage consisting in identifying opportunities, exploring knowledge, and framing the problem. Research on creativity has indicated that problem construction is key for the creative process. In this research, we identify individual profiles showing similar preferences towards the different tasks involved in problem construction. We highlight the characteristics of personality, creative preferences, and creative self-efficacy related to these profiles. Our data was collected from 279 students in management working on solving a complex problem during a guided creative workshop. Through a dynamic cloud typological analysis, we define three clusters related to preferences on problem construction tasks that differ according to the divergent or convergent nature of the tasks. The results of this study provide a better understanding of factors related to individual commitment in problem construction.
JEL Codes: O310

  • Creativity
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Problem Construction
  • Creative Personality Profile
  • Creative Self-efficiency
  • Individual Preferences
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