Mobile Technology: A New Ba of Work Organisation?

Par Laurent Antonczak
The advent of the 21st century is characterised by the increase of cultural interaction in relation to a widespread digital environment. Moreover, we are witnessing an ongoing movement and transformation within the use and the sharing of knowledge, and collaboration through the growth of mobile devices and their associated products. The current digital development, particularly through mobile technology, has given way to new emerging players, intermediation platforms and new human behaviour. In addition, mobile technology can increasingly play the role of catalyst for creativity. It will sometimes even become an active agent of innovative capacity and capability across peculiar spaces and time, either physically, digitally, and, via connectivity, an exchange of intangible resources outside regulated and/or established procedures. This paper examines how mobile technology enables a contemporary consideration of the Nonaka and Konno’s concept of ba within organisations by using a qualitative and hermeneutic approach.
JEL Codes: O3
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