Re-Embedding Work in a Political and Social Project: The Case of Business and Employment Cooperatives in France

Par Justine Ballon, Stéphane Veyer
Among the innovative organizations that have emerged to support a growing number of self-employed workers, an innovative form of worker cooperative has developed over the past twenty years: the Business and Employment Cooperative (BEC). Faced with changes in work and employment, BECs are experimenting with new working methods by seeking to promote the autonomy of entrepreneurs within a democratic productive space. In view of the singularity of changes in work, new analytical schemes are outlined beyond the notion of salaried employment. This research is based on a field survey conducted in three French BECs. It invites us to analyze the political centrality of work in BECs through the notion of activity, inspired by the pragmatist philosophical movement. From a socio-economic perspective, this cooperative action research proposes an analysis of self-employment in BECs by breaking down the activities carried out by members (trade, community and governance), by putting into perspective the contributions and limits of multi-activity.
JEL Codes: J53, J540, M540, Z130
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