Knowledge Dynamics and Climate Change Issues in the Wine Industry: A Literature Review

Par Adeline Alonso Ugaglia, Stéphanie Peres


The wine industry contributes to the economy and reputation of many countries all over the world. This sector is likely to be particularly affected, given its extreme sensitivity to any change in climate patterns. This article tries to discover if scientific knowledge has led to recommendations, and to identifying strategies associated with climate change (CC) for wine growers. Based on an original citation network analysis (26 years; 782 papers), it tracks seminal articles on the subject; leading recent developments; and the scientific trajectory of this growing body of knowledge. Findings reveal researchers’ relatively recent interest in global warming, more than in CC, and particularly in key variables such as temperature. Although the findings reveal a relative dearth of research on adaptation strategies in the existing corpus, the latter could clearly be beneficial to companies seeking to develop their viticulture strategies.
JEL Codes: O3, Q1, Q54, Q55


  • climate change
  • viticulture
  • adaptation
  • bibliometric analysis
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