Innovation, dynamics and the myths about knowledge, technology and R&D-driven economic growth: an evolving network model

Par Hicham M. Hachem
This paper seeks to show problems which follow from wrong assumptions about the key drivers of innovation policy and theory. A theoretical evolving network model is proposed for that purpose, taking into consideration innovation opportunities that are not necessarily driven by technological discoveries, R&D or knowledge diffusion. Innovation is defined by a new combination of means of production, and is introduced to the initial condition by rewiring a regular graph model. Dynamics of the diffusion process are captured by the statistical reconstruction of the solutions for recurrence equations within a discrete time perspective. Simulation results show that innovation gives rise to essentially unstable turbulent dynamics. Stability analysis implies an alternative interpretation of the nature of innovations and their dynamics. As a source of economic change, innovations are conjectured to be dependent on scale and diversity. They are closely linked to novelty, rather than to previous states of knowledge or technology.
JEL Codes: C51, C61, E32, O11, O33
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