National Innovation Systems of the South, Innovation and Economic Development Policies: A Multidimensional Approach

Par Vanessa Casadella, Dimitri Uzunidis

The National Innovation System (NIS) concept is constantly evolving and this evolution merits particular attention today. Indeed, the extensive literature around NISs is very often focused on a connection between the territory examined and the recommendations around technology policies, and does not sufficiently re-examine the fundamental subjects on which NISs are based: innovation capacities, innovation policy and economic development. The aim of theoretical contribution of this article is three-fold. First it will re-examine the NIS concept through its general conceptual evolution and in developing countries. Then it will analyse the legitimacy of innovation policies, through to their mode of governance in developing countries. And finally, it will re-examine the conditions that structure the latter with regard to globalised growth, and economic development that is sometimes impeded.
JEL Codes: O31, F63, B41


  • National Innovation System
  • innovation capacities
  • innovation policy
  • economic development
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