Co-Benefits Indicators for Carbon Market: Contributions to Service Innovation in the Solid Waste Sector

Par Silvia Regina Stuchi Cruz, Sônia Regina Paulino, Delhi Paiva

The paper addresses the issue of verifying the outcomes of using the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in landfills focusing on service innovations in the urban solid waste sector. Our research focuses on the São Paulo Metropolitan Area considering two CDM landfill projects: Bandeirantes, a public project and Caieiras, a private project. Indicators are proposed to evaluate the social and environmental outcomes that can be generated from CDM landfills, organized into five themes: participation, stakeholder interaction, benefits, environmental quality monitoring and gas emissions monitoring. Data, collected by applying indicators, are organized and analyzed based on two complementary theoretical frameworks: The characteristics-based model and the public-private innovation networks in services (ServPPIN) concept. The results highlights a gap in the access to CDM projects and the participation of stakeholders, and benefits related to the CDM projects implementation, corroborating to the relevance of the development of indicators based on interdisciplinary and multi-agent approaches which take into account the different stakeholders.
JEL Codes: Q560, Q540, Q530


  • co-benefits indicator
  • innovation in public services
  • clean development mechanism
  • ServPPIN
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