Producing Innovations: A Low-Key Science Policy on Embryonic Stem Cells

Par Philippe Brunet
Human embryonic stem cells (hESC) are the subject of research that requires destroying the embryo. The result is a tension between the logic of development of innovations and ethical constraints. This article seeks to understand this dynamic of innovation and its non-availability in France, focusing on political science. After understanding the development model of innovation and the concept of political science, the analysis focuses on the establishment of a normative ethical barrier against research on hESCs. This establishes a principle ‘prohibited with derogation to be seen’, full of ambiguity. The tension generated by this principle led the State to implement a low-key policy: limited, hidden and delegated. Faced with this tension, scientists are trying to develop workarounds, both politically and at scientific level, to continue the innovative dynamic.
JEL Codes: O38, O30
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