Exploring Knowledge Sharing in Sea-Land Logistics Networks: Lessons from the Port of Genoa

Par Andrea Caporuscio, Marco Ferretti, Daniele Leone, Francesco Schiavone

The purpose of this article is to analyze the impact of information technology (IT) solutions on the knowledge sharing process within the sea-land logistics network. To tackle the research aim, we illustrate the case of the Port of Genoa, the most important in Italy, the first to adopt a port community system to coordinate logistical processes. Our findings indicate how the IT platform, called E-port, improves interconnections within the system by creating a virtual network that facilitates data exchange among actors. Recent studies investigate ports as a simple logistics supply chain and not as a business network. This paper fills this gap by adopting an actor’s network perspective interconnected by an IT infrastructure that acts as a knowledge orchestrator in the business network.
JEL Codes: M11, M15, O33

  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Sea-Land Logistics
  • Networks
  • Port of Genoa
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