Intellectual Capital Impact on Open Innovation: The Case of Technology-Based Sectors in Tunisia

Par Tharwa Najar, Karima Dhaouadi, Ibticem Ben Zammel

The paper proposes a conceptual model of intellectual capital (IC) and open innovation (OI) within a Resource Based View. Considering components of IC as strategic resources and OI strategies as generating capabilities (innovation capacity) to expand and manage these resources, the theoretical frame maintains that the dimensions of IC impact positively on OI strategies. The empirical evidence adopts the Partial Least Squares method by exploring the Tunisian context and performing a survey with 124 respondents in Technology-Based Sectors. Our findings stipulate that human capital and technological capital have a positive impact on inbound OI and relational capital has a positive impact on outbound OI. Theoretical and managerial implications are advanced highlighting the human, technological and relational sides of OI topic.
JEL Codes: M1, O31, O34

  • Inbound OI
  • Outbound OI
  • Human Capital
  • Organizational Capital
  • Technological Capital
  • Relational Capital
  • Resource Based View
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