SMEs and Junior Stock Markets: A Comparison between European and Japanese Markets

Par Caroline Granier, Valérie Revest, Alessandro Sapio

The financing of SMEs has been a central concern for industrialized countries over the last couple of decades. Stock markets dedicated to SMEs, called junior markets, are increasingly seen as an alternative to bank financing. This article examines the functions of the junior markets that are located in continental Europe and in Japan. Based on the analytical framework developed by Lazonick and O’Sullivan (2004) and Lazonick (2007), we evaluate the functions performed by junior markets through the listing criteria and ongoing requirements and through the collection of market statistics. Market models appear to be heterogeneous: continental European markets lie between the UK Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and the oldest Japanese junior markets. According to their organization, they may stimulate more growth or exit. This contribution can play a useful role in informing policy makers about junior markets.
JEL Codes: G10, G24, O30

  • Junior Markets
  • High-Growth SMEs
  • Functions
  • Europe
  • Japan
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