How the interpretation frame inventory method can help to identify some of the rigidities of an innovation system

Par Stéphane Goria

This article presents a new method for questioning the main information requested and models used in an innovation system, especially in its creative stages. This method helps to identify and formalize so-called “interpretation” frames that make it possible to consider taking action at different points in the process to modify it and make it more effective. It combines three perspectives (innovation, knowledge management and strategic intelligence) to look at some particular elements of the design process that can lead to the success of a new product or explain its failure. With this combination of perspectives, it makes it possible to consider alternatives hidden by some models used as routines. Thus, by considering alternatives to the models used the method aims to increase the number of degrees of freedom of the innovation system and thus potentially make it more agile.
JEL Codes: O32

  • knowledge management
  • strategic intelligence
  • creativity
  • decision making process
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