Nudge: A relevant communication tool adapted for agile innovation

Par Christian Dianoux, Sandrine Heitz-Spahn, Béatrice Siadou-Martin, Géraldine Thevenot, Hélène Yildiz

This research aims to show the interest of nudges as a communication tool for organizations involved in an agile innovation approach. It describes how the flexibility, adaptability and low cost of nudges strengthen the ability of the organizations that use them to improve their agility. From a literature review on the nudges and agile innovation concepts, we propose a typology of nudges with a managerial orientation. Based on this typology we show in a last section how nudges represent a tool that is perfectly suited to innovative organizations wishing to develop their agility, whether in the context of their communications to their employees or their customers. Lastly, research perspectives are envisaged around the concept of agile communication.
JEL Codes: M37, M15, M14

  • Nudge
  • Agile Innovation
  • Persuasive Communication
  • External and Internal Communication
  • Consumer Behaviour
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