Digital standards: key role in shaping the it sector and the interest of coordination within agile dynamics

Par Laurent Adatto

This work will first consider the economic-industrial importance of digital standards in shaping the IT [1] sector. Then empirical research will focus on the innovative driver represented by their coordination as open standards within an agile framework. This process innovation will be contextualized with parallel models that are constitutive of an agile paradigm, Lean Production, Agile Manufacturing, Agile Software Development, and Agile Requirements Engineering (for that purpose, the singularities between requirements engineering and digital standardization will be shown). Then an in-depth case study will be undertaken about the non-profit international consortium OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards). Findings will show how the model emphasizes agile dynamics in the industrially-oriented open coordination of digital standardization.
JEL Codes: L15, O32, O33, L3, A12, M15


  • Agile methods
  • standards
  • consortium
  • Information Technology Management
  • innovation
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