Carsharing and innovation through the prism of actor network theory

Par Elizabeth Couzineau-Zegwaard, Olivier Meier

Research on carsharing focused mainly on the technical and organizational aspects, and the entrepreneurial and managerial dimensions were little discussed. Our work on innovation focused on a major carsharing operator to understand the mechanisms behind its success. Through the use of Grounded Theory, we have developed a framework of analysis showing the importance of the entrepreneurial and managerial dimensions in the design, implementation and deployment of the service thanks to the resource mobilization capacity, the capacity for innovation, and the role of a strong social capital. The conditions of emergence of the carsharing solution throughout the creation process of the network actor are reinforced by the conditions of creation of the family business social capital: stability, interactions, enhancement of the common heritage, influence on partners, network closure and joined vision on standards promoting innovation.
JEL Codes: O32


  • carsharing
  • electromobility
  • family business
  • innovation
  • social capital
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