The Role of Social Actors in Advancing a Green Transition: The case of Québec’s Cleantech Cluster

Par Carolyn J. Hatch, Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay, Laurence Cazabon-Sansfaçon


This article investigates the role of a local cluster as a mechanism for addressing the institutional challenges of the green transition, with a focus on how local cluster dynamics shape the position and mobilization of social actors. It involves a case study of Québec’s cleantech industry cluster and twenty-five interviews with leading industry, intermediary and union stakeholders representing the diversity of the local industry. We found that in addition to the conventional role of enhancing innovation and commercialization in the local industry, the cluster also plays a formative role in shaping the position and collective mobilization of actors vis-à-vis the green transition, a global social movement toward a greener and healthier world.
JEL Codes: L10, O35, O30, P40


  • innovation
  • clusters
  • actors
  • intermediaries
  • green transition
  • cleantech
  • unions
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