The effects of intellectual property rights protection in the technology transfer context on economic growth: the case of developing countries

Par Fatma Mrad
The objective of this paper is to estimate an econometric model for analyzing the effects of intellectual property rights (IPRs) on technology transfer through the importation of capital goods, and on economic growth in 48 developing countries, signatories to the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights of the WTO, by using the simultaneous-equations model estimated by Seemingly Unrelated Regressionsduring the period 1970–2009. Our empirical results show that IPR protection positively affects economic growth in developing countries by attracting foreign technology embodied in capital goods. In addition, a developing country’s membership of the WTO promotes and encourages technology transfer through the liberalization of international trade.
JEL Codes: C33, F130, O33, O34, O47
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