Determinants of information and communication technologies adoption by Tunisian firms

Par Adel Ben Khalifa
This paper examines the determinant factors of a firm’s adoption of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the context of a developing country. The study is based on the theoretical framework related to the epidemic and rank models of innovation adoption. In this work, we use a survey of 145 Tunisian firms that was conducted over the period 2010-2011. Our results show that epidemic and rank effects do not always act together on the diffusion process of ICT. In particular, we find that absorptive capacity is more decisive for the adoption of the technologies which are not influenced by information spillovers (Intranet, LAN and EDI). Firm’s size, strategic fit and multi-unit firm also play an important role in the ICT adoption. However, there is no relationship between the intensity of organizational change and ICT diffusion in the Tunisian firms.
JEL Codes: L21, O31, O33
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