Gender gap in innovation: a confused link?

Par Sophia Belghiti-Mahut, Anne-Laurence Lafont, Ouidad Yousfi

The programs and policy research on innovation neglect certain types of innovations and innovators, particularly innovations made by women. The aim of this paper is to provide a new framework for research on gender and innovation. The literature on business, management and economics provides evidence that innovations introduced by women in female-controlled sectors have not yet been fully explored. We rethink innovation literature and show how gender is embedded in innovation processes. By taking into account gender, innovators become less invisible. The existing literature on innovation has a gender blind vision: only male-implemented innovations are considered. Adding gender perspective helps to better assess the innovator’s profile. This will make the innovative literature more extensive and help to identify new ways of innovation in new and different areas. Policymakers are expected to set more appropriate and effective programs enhancing innovation by supporting all innovators in all sectors.
JEL Codes: O30, O31


  • gender
  • innovation
  • creativity
  • risk-taking
  • female innovation
  • innovative behavior
  • innovators
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