Knowledge management processes and the formation of entrepreneurial opportunities

Par Rani Jeanne Dang, Maureen McKelvey

While past researchers have reported knowledge management (KM) as being a determinant of innovation, little has been done to empirically investigate the interrelationship between KM processes, the regional context and entrepreneurial opportunity formation. We assume that the regional context and the entrepreneur’s individual factors interact with and influence the type of knowledge issued and mobilised by the entrepreneur. Through two opposite cases, one of entrepreneurial opportunity discovery and the other of entrepreneurial opportunity creation, we analyse how, in each case, entrepreneurs use inputs from the environment in their KM processes to create their company. In doing so, this study founds two patterns of entrepreneurial innovation and enriches the literature on Entrepreneurship by way of the literature on Knowledge Management.
JEL Codes: L26, O30, O32


  • knowledge management processes
  • entrepreneurs
  • opportunity process
  • discovery
  • creation
  • clusters
  • technical and market knowledge
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