The artisanal economy through the prism of practical actions: the case of the parisian glover-perfumers in the 18th century

Par Catherine Lanoë

The guilds that partly organize artisanal work in urban areas in modern France have long been considered to be institutions that are shut away in their statutes and their regulations, protective of their monopolies, conventional and averse to innovation. This dubious image of artisans inherited, on the one hand, from the political culture of the French Revolution, which connected this particular way of organizing work with the society of orders and privileges, and on the other hand with a “large enterprise culture” that has characterized the analyses of several French historians, is today being questioned.
JEL Codes: L26, L66, N63, O31


  • artisanal economy
  • glover-perfumers
  • networks
  • innovation
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