Social creation of opportunities: breaking boundaries to create mutually attractive business

Par Vesa Puhakka, Hannu Stewart

The study suggests that opportunity creation is indeed a social process. In this study, we elaborate on the social creation of entrepreneurial opportunities. The empirical part of this study will attempt to clarify the processes of opportunity objectification and enactment, by carefully studying the case of one Finnish-based start-up company. The empirical case study revealed that the social creation of opportunities is defined by the strong vision of the entrepreneur, combining knowledge and incorporating feedback as well as actively communicating the opportunity further. By combining these features, entrepreneurs are able to break current operational boundaries and create mutually interesting and attractive entrepreneurial opportunities. This study adds to opportunity research by providing a more comprehensive explanation of social processes in opportunity creation.
JEL Codes: L260, O310, M130


  • entrepreneurship
  • opportunity
  • social creation
  • boundaries
  • new business
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