How do business schools support internal innovation and work on their strategy and their reputation? The case of responsible management

Par Guénola Nonet, Kerul Kassel, Florence Rodhain

While business schools, as an institution, are criticized for failing to encourage responsible management, several schools are innovating towards such management. This study examines the strategies and practices of people involved in changing the organizational processes. Interviews were conducted with 17 change agents at eight European schools to evaluate the depth of innovative approaches (of immaterial nature) employed in integrating responsible management on their campuses. This paper briefly introduces the main strategic tensions encountered by these actors and describes in depth eight types of innovations that are here called the “survival innovations”. The conclusion suggests further research concerning the potential outcomes (stakeholder management, reputation, accreditation, differentiation, cohesion) of integrating RM in the BS’ strategy.
JEL Codes: M1


  • innovation
  • responsible management (RM)
  • strategy
  • immaterial nature
  • reputation
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