An Argentinean innovation and technology management specialization programme: the GTec case study

Par Ricardo Palma, Gustavo Masera
At the outset of the 1990s Argentina, and other countries in Latin American implemented financial and tax reduction programs to promote innovation and technology management at all levels of the industrial sectors. Contrary to the expectations of Argentina’s government, the result of innovation developed by the SMEs and Micros Enterprises sector was lower than the result obtained by other countries like Brazil, Colombia and Chile. In 1999, less than 15% of the funds and financial support programs were used by SMEs. Twenty years later, a specialization program entitled GTec was started with the aim of securing university graduates who will work in a “free-lance way” (not in the Enterprises). The purpose was to link SMEs with University and Science and Technology to develop regional economic systems. This work highlights some of the successful cases of entrepreneurial students from Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (Middle West Region of Argentina) who were employed between 2010 and 2012 and who reversed this trend. The relate shows how they moved from selected classical books cases and readings to concrete actions to build solid links between SMEs and the National Innovation System.
JEL codes: O31, I21, I25
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