Management of innovation in Chile: a case study for enhancing innovation capability of SMEs

Par Juan Sepulveda, Miguel Alfaro, Elizardo Vasquez

A general vision is presented on how Chile, as a developing country, approaches the management of innovation, and the role played by universities and networks in which they participate, in the advanced training of human resources for R&D and Innovation (R&D&I) activities. In order to understand the macroeconomic context in which innovation is developing in Chile, we first present a general vision of the institutional setting in which the innovation system takes place and the kinds of initiatives that the different actors of the system apply in order to promote innovation in companies. Then, we describe the technological services that have been developed as a result of cooperation for supporting innovation in small and medium-sized companies.
JEL codes: 031, 032


  • innovation capacities
  • innovation system
  • SMEs
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