Well-suited organization to open innovation: empirical evidence from an industrial deployment

Par Alexis Steiner, Laure Morel, Mauricio Camargo
Open Innovation brings new opportunities as well as new constraints, new modes and new challenges that companies have to face. The literature indicates that there are many organizational models to support innovation activities in the current complex and changing environment. But these models do not fully account for the open nature (Outside-in and Inside-out) of these innovation activities. Moreover, a majority of these models are earlier than 2003, when the concept of Open Innovation was born. Thanks to a review of the literature and the study of an innovation team within a large group from the chemical sector, we will show that a new organizational model is essential to supporting innovation collaborative processes. We will also provide some evidence of the development of a new model based on influencing factors.
JEL codes: 031, 032, L24
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