Between crisis and wars - where is the United States heading?

Par Rémy Herrera

This article studies the U.S. economy from an original point of view: that of the links existing between crisis and war. The first part analyzes the workings of the current crisis, considered to be a “systemic” one. The second part places the U.S. economy at the very heart of this crisis. The third part emphasizes the limitations of the anti-crisis policies that are being implemented, as well as the “currency war” issue. Then, the central focus moves towards U.S. warfare as a permanent feature. In a fifth part, the author examines the control exercised by finance capital on the military sector, including military-industrial complex and privately owned military companies. And finally, it examines how these links between crisis and war exacerbate the current capitalist contradictions.
JEL Codes: E32, E62, G38, H56, P12, P43


  • United States
  • military sector
  • defence
  • war
  • crisis
  • finance
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