Economic analysis of resilience: A framework for local policy response based on new case studies

Par Pierre Régibeau, Katharine Rockett

A recent set of case studies on resilience of ecocultures forms the basis for our review of and comment on the resilience literature. We note the diversity of definitions of resilience and the confusion this creates in implementing resilience studies and develop a synthesis view that establishes a framework for defining resilience in an implementable way. This framework emphasizes the importance of defining the source of and magnitude of shocks as part of the definition. Next, we outline measurement issues, including a variety of performance measures that can be used to gauge resilience. We argue that self-determination and local ownership of resources is supported in the cases, and review the effectiveness of the informal insurance arrangements observed in the cases. We end with the variables suggested by the case studies to include in a resilience index and lessons for regional governments developing resilience policy.
JEL Codes: A12, D80, H41, Q01, R58


  • resilience
  • sustainability
  • EcoCulture
  • governance
  • insurance
  • methodology
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