Public-private innovation networks and innovation activities in French service firms

Par Rabeh Morrar, Faïz Gallouj, Hakim Hammadou


Using firm-level data provided by the 4th Community Innovation Survey (CIS4), this paper measures the effect of cooperation on innovation in French service firms. It distinguishes between the effects of two types of cooperation or innovation networks (INs): public-private innovation networks and private-private innovation networks. The empirical evidence presented shows that extended public-private INs (in which service firms cooperate not only with public but also with private actors) seem to be more efficient than strict public-private INs as regards product, organizational and market innovation. Private-private INs for their part seem to be more efficient in the case of process innovation.
JEL Codes: L8, O3, C1


  • innovation
  • services
  • networks
  • public-private partnerships
  • Community innovation survey (CIS)
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