The organizational social responsibility: a framework for the emergence of a new “innovation space” for clusters?

Par Elise Marcandella, Renaud Garcia-Bardidia, Delphine Wannenmacher, Christophe Simon


This paper relies on Open Innovation and Organizations Social Responsibility theories to propose methodological insights in order to foster the integration of sustainability issues into competitive clusters’ strategies. It therefore insists on the role that a “sustainability assessment standards” co-constructed by the cluster’s stakeholders could play to help their acculturation. To that extent, such a collaborative device could influence cluster’s governance as well as its ability to enhance emerging innovation. First this paper presents a cross-disciplinary state of the art (C/K theory, actor-network theory, conventions theory), then the methodology used in the studied cluster.
JEL Codes: Q01, 031, A12, D74, Z13


  • CSR
  • OSR
  • sustainable development
  • competitiveness Cluster
  • co-construction
  • governance
  • innovation
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