Open innovation and joint patent applications: the case of greenhouse gas capture and storage technologies

Par Fabienne Picard


Firms’ interest in an open innovation model may vary with the technological and industrial context (Chesbrough, 2006). Our central hypothesis is that organization of the innovation processes and technological systems evolve conjointly. Taking into account the specificity of climate change mitigation technologies, the aim of this paper is to question the innovation process implemented in the carbon capture and storage domain and to question whether or not open innovation behaviours are fostered. To do that we use a specific indicator: the joint patent applications. We show not only an upturn in open invention practices in the domain of CO2 capture and storage technologies, but also a significant change in the forms of open invention. These forms break free from the firm alone to more systematically involve all of the actors of the triple helix and especially knowledge producers.
JEL Codes: O31, O34, Q55


  • open innovation
  • co-applications
  • green patents
  • greenhouse gas
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