Innovation in services and sustainable development. Carbon Market on Landfills and Public Service Innovation

Par Silvia Cruz, Sônia Paulino
The present research aims to examine how the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects for landfills can generate service innovation that contribute to the improvement of the urban solid waste management in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, considering two landfills CDM projects. There are two methodological procedures. First, there is an adaptation of the social carbon methodology (SCM), constructing indicators to assess the social and environmental outcomes of these projects. Second, the analysis is based on an innovation multi-agent approach. Partial results collaborate to define sustainability indicators for the understanding of the peculiarities of the service offered in the researched context, as in regard to opportunities to build new ways to solve particular problems through new institutional and organizational arrangements, involving municipal governments, utilities companies, communities surrounding of the landfills, recyclable material collectors, organized civil society as well as in regard to the establishment of parameters to guide the objectives of the public sector innovation.
JEL Codes: Q56, Q57, R11, R53
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