How environmental awareness can be practical and funny while puzzling economists: exchange networks, parallel currencies & free bazaars in Greece

Par Irene Sotiropoulou


This paper is part of a large ongoing field research project dealing with economic activity in Greece performed without the use of any official currency. The schemes studied range from parallel currencies to free bazaars and from specialized exchange networks to businesses accepting used public transport tickets as partial payment by customers. Exchange and bazaars often take place via fairs and parties, some of which have already become famous and attract hundreds of people, although most of the schemes are quite recent and still develop. The scope of this paper is, therefore: a) To present the theoretical, connected to environment, issues that the project aims to deal with, and b) To present the findings of the first, qualitative stage of the field research that might enlighten us on how the environment as an idea and motive leads people to invent new ways of transacting.
JEL Codes: E49, P49


  • exchange networks
  • free bazaars
  • parallel currencies
  • environment
  • grassroots theory
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