SMEs' internationalization: an analysis with the concept of resources and competencies

Par Soulaimane Laghzaoui


The analysis of the literature on SMEs’ internationalization enables to identify three main theoretical approaches according to the main explanation retained: stages approach, economic approach and network approach. The purpose of this article is to review and assess the impact and the limits of each of the three approaches by taking into account the applicability in the particular context of SMEs. As such, we examine the three approaches and their interrelationships in order to propose a new reading of them. That is, we will highlight the existence of various dimensions of the international development which can be found within the three approaches. The concept of resources and competencies offers a conceptual framework which may play a federator role compared to all other factors (organizational training, networks, organizational capacities, etc.) currently used by the previous approaches.
JEL Codes: D85, O33, L22, L26


  • SMEs
  • internationalization
  • stage approach
  • network approach
  • economic approach
  • resources and competencies
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