On the differences between goods and services innovation

Par Luis Rubalcaba, David Gago, Jorge Gallego


This paper conducts an exploration of services innovation specificities with respect to innovation in goods. It focuses primarily on disparities between the innovative behaviours of the two economic sectors, and also tests explanatory elements behind business innovation impacts in Europe (twelve countries), using data collected in the third EU Community Innovation Survey (CIS3). Results confirm some specific behaviour in the innovation processes of these two aggregated industries, although existent disparities among the heterogeneous services sector are recognised. Moreover, results underline, on the one hand, the importance of the interactive aspects of innovation, not only as regards the services sector but also the goods industry, and, on the other, the relevant association of some intangible elements (i.e. organisational changes) with impacts derived from service innovation.
JEL codes: L8, O3, O52


  • services
  • innovation
  • Europe
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