Global governance and sustainable development. Rethinking the economy

Par Dimitri Uzunidis, Lamia Yacoub


The stakes of globalisation lift up with a great acuity the question of instituting a global governance system to manage efficiently these stakes which seem to exceed the regulating powers of States and market. The purpose of the article is to present several enlightening ideas which show the mitigated efficiency of this governance in promoting sustainable development at a global scale. Indeed, the analysis proves that the current governance system is not that organisational structure which defines and proves the theory. Multiple gaps show that it is recently in crisis of legitimacy and that sustainable development stays a utopian objective. This arouses a pragmatic reflection on the possibilities of improving the efficiency of global governance, principally by a more concrete consideration of environmental and social problems to go out of the profit influence. And to there, a revival of the State’s role in promoting sustainable development is unmistakably imperative.
JEL Codes: F02, F5, O19, Q01


  •  globalisation
  • global governance
  • sustainable development
  • State
  • public policy
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