The limits of top-down transfers within a multinational corporation: the need for knowledge hybridization

Par Dorra Yahiaoui, Hela Chebbi
To win the competition challenges they are facing, Multinational Corporations are continuously aiming to shape new managerial practices. These companies can take advantage from exploiting the knowledge of their subsidiaries, especially by using hybridization. This article highlights the characteristics of hybridization as a new managerial practice and shows that the transfer of innovations, from Headquarters to subsidiaries, raises several issues in these multidimensional companies. A thorough study of OPERACOM, a multinational company operating in the telecommunications sector, provides answers to two major questions: What are the limits of the top-down transfer in Multinational Corporations? How could knowledge hybridization be considered as a new practice to develop innovation? To assess these questions, we will start by giving a clear overview of our conceptual framework. Then we will explain the outcomes of the empirical investigation within OPERACOM and finally, a cross analysis will be performed and analysed.
JEL Codes: L22, L24, L14
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